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The Legend of Crying Stone

The Legend of Crying Stone
Once upon a time, there was a family of a widow, and her two daughters lived in a hinterland of West Kalimantan Province, Indonesia. The widow was just an old woman, while her two daughters were charming girl, whose name was Darmi and Surti. They lived poor since the widow`s husband passed away. He had gone leaving no inheritance to the family. So, to close their needs, they were forced willy-nilly to work much harder.
However, Darmi was not a hard-worker, totally different from her mother and young sister. She was a lazy girl who spent almost of her times dressing up and adoring her reflection on the mirror. She never wanted to help her mother working at the field. If her mother asked her for help, Darmi refused.
Mother : “Girl, will you help at the field, now?”
Darmi : “No, I won`t! I don`t want to go there. I`m afraid my skin turns dark,”
Mother : “You let me to work there alone, don`t you?”
Darmi : “Mom, everyone knows that you are an old woman while I am a pretty young girl. So, people will get attracted to me and not you. That is why I prefer staying at home to working outside in the field because I am waiting for a rich boy propose me to get married with me”
Surti : “Stop! Darmi, you are very cruel. Don’t say like that to mother. Let’s go to field mom, I will help you.” (Surti entered and walked to mother and Darmi).
Mother : “Surti, I’m fine. Okay, don’t disturb your sister.”
Surti : “Mom, don’t spoil Darmi too much. She must study to work hard.”
Mother : “I don’t know what I must do. Let’s go to field darling.”
Darmi just waited her mother at home. She had a planning to ask the money as soon as possible after her mother went home from the field. She was sure that her mother very loved her.
Surti : “We are coming.”
Darmi : “Mom, where is the money?” (she run quickly approach her mother)
Mother : “No! I won`t give this to you. We need this to buy some foods.”
Darmi : “But, I run out of new dress. I don`t have it anymore, Mom! I need money to buy a new one.”
Surti : “Darmi, if you use the money to buy new dress, we will not eat.”
Darmi : “Okay, if you don’t give the money to me, I will not eat everything.”
Mother : “No, Dear. You must eat. Okay, I will give money for you, Dear.”
One day, Darmi asked to Mother and Surti to accompany her to buy new dress in the town. Then, they went to the town together. Darmi wore a beautiful dress while her mother and sister wore a bad clothes. It was very contrast. Darmi was shy because her mother wanted to follow her went to the town, so she kept the distance between her mother and sister.
Darmi : “Mom, bring it for me. It is very heavy.” (She gives her bag to her mother)
Surti : “You can bring it by yourself.”
Darmi : “Moooooom. . . .”
Mother : “Okay, Dear. Don’t cry”
As long the journey, everyone looked at them. They thought that Darmi was a rich and beautiful girl went to the town with her servant and servant’s daughter. Mother and Surti walked long behind Darmi, while Darmi was walking arrogantly.
Seller : “Hi, beautiful girl. Look at this dress! It is very suitable for you.”
Darmi : “Oh, it is a beutiful dress. I want to get it. How price is it?”
Seller : “It is about $150. But, don’t worry. I will give discount for a beautiful like you. By the way, who are they?”
Darmi : “Eeeeeee, they are my servant. Don’t care them. Okay, this is the money. Thank you.”
Mother and Surti : “Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?”
Darmi : “Let’s go home now.” She walked with innocent face.
They went home, and every Darmi was asked by someone, Darmi answered that they are her servants. When passed the jungle.
Darmi : “Mom, bring my new dress.”
Mother : “I’m tired dear.”
Darmi : “I don’t care. I’m tired too.”
Surti : “Darmi, you had said that we were your servants. Is it not enough?”
Darmi : “Aaaaaaaaah. Bring it or . . . . (She will slap her mother)
The habit of Darmi could not be for given again. The mother couldn’t accept the Darmi’s attitude and it made mother angry.
Surti : “Darmi, you are the cruel girl. Why did you do it to mother? ”
Mother : “ Ya Allah, I don’t know what I must do again...I hope You will give her punishment”
Darmi : “ Mom I can’t move, what happen with me???Mom I’m sorr....”
Finally, Darmi became the crying stone forever. From the story we can take lessons. We must respect our parent, especially our mother. Don’t be rebellious child. We must make our parent happy and proud with us.

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